Diminished Habitat, Variegated Fairy Wrens – SOLD



Acrylic on Canvas finished with three coats of Archival Varnish.  Ready to Hang.  This painting has been sold.  If you would like something similar, please contact Clare for a commission.

Artwork Information

This painting was inspired by a need to remind people of the vanishing habitat of many birds and the need to conserve as much of what is left so that we will keep our unique and beautiful birdlife.  The lone tree and the farm fence serve as a reminder of the clearing we have done in the name of development and supposed progress.   The beautiful little birds are a family of Variegated Fairy Wrens who often flit about amongst the lower branches and shrubs.   It would be a wonderful reminder to the viewer to be careful of our environment and to enjoy the beautiful birdlife we are blessed with.